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Tork PeakServe range expanded

Essity expands its Tork PeakServe range

Tork has expanded its Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel Roll family by adding a high-performance refill along with two new dispensers.

The additions will increase flexibility and make life easier for facility managers while also helping to make people feel safe during the global pandemic.

The new Tork PeakServe Advanced Hand Towel refill delivers softness and enhanced performance while also being 20% more absorbent than regular Tork PeakServe towels. It has an attractive visual appearance and features the iconic Tork leaf.

The Tork Advanced refill allows facility managers to create different levels of washroom experiences within one facility while using the same dispensing system.

These new towels are ideal for use with the Tork PeakServe Mini dispenser which holds up to 1230 towels and is believed to be the slimmest and smallest high-capacity dispenser on the market. In addition, Tork PeakServe Recessed comes in two sizes and can increase the capacity of recessed cabinets by up to 40%. It’s compatible with many cabinet types and allows managers to enhance existing units without the need for any extensive renovation work.

Essity’s Sales Manager, Stuart Hands, said: “A common challenge in large, high-traffic facilities is that the washrooms all have different layouts and attract varying traffic flows. Facility managers are then tempted to use a range of different hand drying solutions throughout the building, which adds complexity to the washroom maintenance and inventory management.

“The expansion of the Tork PeakServe range means facility managers can now install one system across an entire building or complex, creating different washroom experiences while also saving time and freeing up space in storage cupboards and on cleaning trolleys.”

The original Tork PeakServe dispenser holds more than 2100 towels – around two and a half times as many as most other washroom dispensers. This is because the towels are compressed during production, making them twice as compact as standard hand towels.

The Tork PeakServe unit gives out towels in a continuous loop and requires a minimal pull force on the part of the user. It takes just three seconds to take a towel and move on, freeing up the unit for the next person. This helps to aid social distancing and speed up washroom use, which is particularly important during the pandemic. The towels are dispensed in a way that ensures visitors only touch the towels they use, providing a hygienic hand drying solution that helps business owners to secure the new hygiene standard.

Stuart continued: “Proper hand hygiene is critical to keeping people healthy and safe, and systems that reduce the risk of runouts help to promote proper hygiene standards. People have higher expectations of public spaces – and of public washrooms in particular – as a result of COVID-19.

“Facility managers play a key role in making people feel safe by equipping their facilities with systems that help people to practice good hand hygiene and reduce the infection risk.”

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