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Category: COVID-19

Industry leader calls on Government to lead targeted hand hygiene campaign

Industry leader calls for Government-led hand hygiene campaign

A letter from former British Cleaning Council (BCC) Chairman Jim Melvin calling for the Government to take action on hand hygiene has been printed in The Times. In the letter, Jim Melvin, who is...
Industry leader calls Government response to life-saving campaign ‘disappointing’ and ‘complacent’

Industry leader ‘disappointed’ by ‘complacent’ Government response

The leader of one of the UK’s biggest industries has accused the Government of being ‘dismissive, arrogant and completely missing the point’ for continuing to disregard a campaign...
Industry leader writes to PM to call for cleaning and hygiene to be made a national priority

Industry leader calls for cleaning and hygiene to be national priority

With a new COVID-19 variant on the rise, the British Cleaning Council (BCC) has written to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call for cleaning and hygiene to be made a national priority. In her...
BCC Chair appeals for more staff to back ‘common sense’ proposals to make cleaning and hygiene a national priority

BCC Chair appeals for more staff to back ‘common sense’ cleaning proposals

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) has thanked the more than 450 industry members who have so far backed its campaign to make cleaning and hygiene a national priority. It comes as a new...
Business leaders call for colleagues to support APPG campaign

Business leaders call for APPG support

Businesspeople from the cleaning and hygiene sector have urged industry colleagues to get behind the British Cleaning Council-led (BCC) lobbying campaign to make cleaning and hygiene a national...
New industry report calls for more support and recognition from Government for cleaning staff

Report calls for more Government support for cleaning staff

A new report has called for better acknowledgement and support for cleaning and hygiene sector workers from the Government. The report, which is backed by the Royal Society for Public Health...
BCC reiterates call for industry members to join MP lobbying campaign

BCC reiterates call for lobbying campaign

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) has thanked the more than 150 industry members who have backed its lobbying campaign and called on more colleagues to lend their support. Early results are that...
Industry experts and senior stakeholders come together to discuss taking APPG report forward

Industry experts and stakeholders discuss APPG report

Key representatives from across the cleaning and hygiene and public health sectors came together for a high-level meeting to discuss the recent report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)...
MPs’ report on COVID-19 pandemic calls for the introduction of cleaning standards

MPs' report calls for introduction of cleaning standards

A new report by MPs into the role of cleaning and hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic has called for the introduction of minimum standards for hand and other hygiene infrastructure and cleaning of...
B-Sure Installations launches B-Spoke Hygiene Board service

B-Sure launches B-Spoke Hygiene Board

B-Sure Installations has launched its B-Spoke Hygiene Boards service across the UK, following a successful trial to support customers during COVID-19. B-Spoke Hygiene Boards are designed...

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