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Interclean 2024: BioHygiene to empower a cleaner, greener future

Biological Preparations’ BioHygiene to empower a cleaner, greener future at Interclean 2024

Leading UK biotech company, Biological Preparations, is gearing up for this year’s Interclean, to empower more European businesses through cleaner, leaner and greener cleaning technologies.

Exhibiting under their marketing dominant cleaning brand, BioHygiene, they will be showcasing why businesses should no longer be trading off between cost, efficiency and their environmental footprint.

Through their next-generation biotech and ecotech cleaning technologies, BioHygiene has already got a reputation for elevating cleaning standards across all industries. Their mission is clear: to empower more modern businesses to streamline their cleaning operations whilst significantly reducing their overall environmental impact. They do this by harnessing the power of microbes, enzymes and naturally-derived sustainable ingredients which quickly target dirt, grease, grime and odours to achieve a deep clean whilst removing odours directly at the source.

Businesses working with BioHygiene’s specially formulated technologies not only have operational benefits like efficiency and residual cleaning, but by working together with the brand, businesses are championed in environmental responsibility, reducing their Scope 3 emissions, helping them to get to their goals for NetZero. Also, with their formulations being free from hazardous ingredients, businesses can count on safer technologies for their team while not adding to the growing issue of aquatic toxicity post-use. Plus, BioHygiene products enable a greater reduction in plastic waste, with their highly concentrated formulations being packaged in sustainable materials like PCR or FSC, overall embodying their mission of helping more businesses become cleaner, leaner and greener.

Attendees will also have the exciting opportunity to meet face-to-face with the industry’s first BioTech Paper Sachet Range. Gain firsthand insight into the power behind this cutting-edge technology and find out why more and more businesses are looking for high-tech but easy-to-use cleaning alternatives. See the BioHygiene Team at03.310 throughout the event.

Their dedication to empowering businesses through better sustainable technologies is going further than showcasing their products. Director of Microbiology & R&D, Dr John Lear, and Sales Director Erum Ahmed will be on the sustainability stage, discussing ‘Not all Eco is Equal’, providing attendees invaluable insights to help them navigate the saturated eco-market, empowering them to make authentic purchases and avoid falling into modern greenwashing tactics within the cleaning industry. Join them on Tuesday 14 May, 11AM-11:45AM.

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