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Interclean 2024: TASKI’s future of floor cleaning

TASKI, the ultimate cleaning machines, bring the future of floor cleaning to Interclean 2024

The future of floor cleaning arrives at Interclean as TASKI (05.511), the Swiss cleaning innovators, bring their ULTIMATE cleaning machines and digital solutions to improve cleaning and drive sustainability.

For many, the future of floor cleaning is robotics. TASKI is bringing Ecobot 40/50 Pro to Interclean – machines that tackle serious industry concerns, improving your overall cleaning experience:

  • Personalised consultative approach
  • Enhanced productivity, refocusing labour
  • Assured health and safety
  • Premium customer experience
  • Outstanding post-purchase service
  • Expected ROI within 18 months

Businesses adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach to robots can access advance cleaning via machine mechanisation with the award-winning TASKI ULTIMAXX.

Ditching dirty, inefficient mopping elevates cleaning. A mop cannot compare to a scrubber dryer exerting 10x more pressure, lifting 5x more soils in a single pass. Scrubber dryers also recover 65% more water for drier, safer floors.

With 10,000 permutations, TASKI ULTIMAXX adapts to the needs of your facility and its floors. TASKI ULTIMAXX is a machine as unique and flexible as your business.

TASKI are also introducing a range of cable-free machines at the show. Including ERGODISC FLEXX, AERO 8 FLEXX and AERO UP 30/38B, advance Li-Ion battery technology extends cleaning throughout a facility, improving safety, eliminating cable management time and reducing cost through better power management.

Finally, experience TASKI digital solutions, how they protect resources, provide insight and enhance sustainability. See TASKI AR in action, explore the ULTIMATE machine range using augmented reality. Learn about IntelliTrail 2.1, your fleet management system, optimising assets, improving service and offering live sustainability reporting.

TASKI innovate cleaning hardware and digital solutions which combine to elevate cleaning.

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