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CMS Purus Innovation Award 2019 winners revealed

Winners of the CMS Purus Innovation Award 2019 have been unveiled

Kenter, Husqvarna, Hako and Adlatus have all been named as winners of this year’s CMS Purus Innovation Awards (PIA) 2019, at CMS Berlin 2019 – Cleaning.Management.Services.

During the first evening of CMS Berlin 2019, an independent panel of experts chose four outstanding innovations from exhibitors at the CMS in the categories Large Machines, Small Machines, Equipment and Digital Tools and Systems.

The PIA is considered to be among the industry’s most prestigious awards. The presentation at the Marshall Haus on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds was a high point for the three-day international cleaning trade fair. This year, 65 applications was a new PIA record, with all 11 finalists on display throughout the show.

The panel of judges outlined their winners:

Category: Large Machines
Winner: KENTER Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH – Comac C 85 NSC

Kenter’s Comac C 85 NSC floor cleaner is a game-changer. Unlike conventional machines, in which water has to be changed 20-30 times a month, the onboard treatment unit’s five-chamber system only requires one change of water a month. With this development, Kenter is clearly demonstrating commitment to sustainability and an interesting economic perspective, not to mention how the system minimises downtimes and cuts costs.

Category: Small Machines
Winner: Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH – Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD

Husqvarna’s Automower 535 AWD can operate on extreme gradients of up to 70%, whilst ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained. The world’s first fully automated, all-wheel drive lawnmower consistently complies with fleet management demands. Controls on the unit are kept to a minimum, with settings controlled by the Husqvarna Fleet Services app. This integration ensures the self-driving mower is effectively protected against theft.

Category: Equipment
Winner: Hako GmbH – DUST STOP

The DUST STOP made the panel ask themselves: “Why did no one else think of this before?” Its elastic sleeve has been designed for use with disc brushes on scrubber cleaner, ensuring that – unlike standard disc brushes – emissions of fine dust are reduced by up to 90%, a quantum leap in work safety and protecting cleaning operative health. Judges were impressed by its operational simplicity, DUST STOP’s wide range of applications, and its ability to be easily and economically retrofit on existing systems, not to mention its improved cleaning performance.

Category: Digital Tools and Systems
Winner: ADLATUS Robotics GmbH – ADLATUS TEAMS 2020

ADLATUS TEAMS 2020 is a man-machine interface supported by AI, a team of human facility manager with autonomous robot assistants. Intelligent system networking enables an extensive range of cleaning tasks to be undertaken by variable cleaning fleets, significantly boosting productivity especially in large areas. ADLATUS TEAMS allows an efficient division of labour: working largely solo, the robots can tackle time-consuming, strenuous work, while human team members can monitor processes and focus on specialist tasks. Judges were impressed with the way it creates an enhanced perception of the cleaning industry as a forward-looking area of work.

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