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Tork Natural Colour pairs softness with sustainability

Tork Natural Colour products combine softness with sustainability

New from Tork is a range of washroom tissue products made from 100% recycled fibres.

The toilet paper and hand towels in the Tork Natural Colour range have a natural light brown hue, which helps to demonstrate a customer’s sustainability values to employees, guests and visitors. Besides being highly sustainable, the new products are also significantly softer to the touch than traditional recycled washroom tissue.

Tork has long been a manufacturer of products made from office paper, newspaper and other high-grade materials, but these items are becoming a scarce resource, says Tork Global Brand Innovation Manager Tomas Gandemo.

Tomas said: “There is a general shortage of high-grade recycled paper due to more people working from home and businesses shifting to paper-free behaviours. At the same time, e-commerce has been booming, which means the supply of used cardboard boxes has risen across the globe. So, we’re now using recycled boxes as a fibre source.”

Global Brand Director Toilet Systems, Ivette Perez Badillo, says Tork Natural Colour toilet paper and hand towels have the same quality and softness as Tork Advanced products.

Ivette added: “Customers no longer need to choose between sustainability and performance. The Tork Natural Colour product family is a great choice for customers who want to show their environmental commitment while keeping the same high Tork quality.”

Products in the Tork Natural Colour range are Tork Matic Natural Hand Towel Roll; Tork Xpress Soft Natural Multifold Hand Towel Advanced; Tork Natural Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Roll Advanced; and Tork Natural Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Advanced. All refills may be used with existing Tork dispenser systems.

Around 30-50% of the fibres that make up Tork Natural Colour products come from used corrugated containers, while the rest originate from other recycled fibre sources such as sorted office paper. All products are FSC and EU Ecolabel certified, and Tork Natural Colour washroom products are compatible with Tork PaperCircle – the world’s first recycling service for paper towels.

Customers signing up for Tork PaperCircle have their used washroom hand towels picked up from their business premises and taken to local recycling centres, where they’re turned into other tissue products. Around 25m hand towels in 14 countries are recycled every month under the scheme.

Around 83% of office workers and restaurant visitors agree that offering paper towels in a natural colour made from 100% recycled materials is a good way for restaurants to show their environmental commitment, according to user research (conducted in the UK, Germany and France among office workers and restaurant visitors during April 2022).

The study also shows that 87% of respondents like the idea of paper towels being made from recycled single-use products such as cartons. 85% of office workers also said they were happy to use natural coloured toilet paper provided it was of the same quality to which they had become accustomed.

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