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Principle launches Safe Space

Principle combines science and technology with Safe Space launch

Principle Cleaning Services has launched Safe Space, a new approach utilising science and technology to ensure workplaces are clean and protected.

Developed in conjunction with Hygiena and Gem Scientific – manufacturers of industry-leading microbial testing systems – Safe Space was created to provide organisations with new methodology for cleaning and hygiene using scientific verification, service enhancement and smart resourcing, and data monitoring, to mitigate risk and give reassurance to staff and visitors.

Safe Space uses Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing to provide occupiers with an analysis of current processes and scientific proof of surface cleaning standards. It also includes the option to have Zoono applied as a protective coating against pathogens. Independent laboratory tests have proven that superior results are consistently achieved by combining robust cleaning processes with the application of Zoono.

Peter Smith, Principle Cleaning Services’ CEO, said: “The cleaning industry is changing due to COVID-19, which has highlighted a need for more rigorous, scientific and evidence-based methods. We see Safe Space as the future – providing flexibility around usage and density whilst embracing science and technology to demonstrate proof of clean environments and instil confidence in the workplace.”

Principle’s award-winning PCS Connect system is also part of the solution, ensuring that designated zones can be cleaned at predetermined frequencies by autonomously scheduling workflow for housekeeping teams throughout the day.

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