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Derrycourt gets Diversey Sustainability Award

Diversey presents special Sustainability Award to Derrycourt

A special sustainability award presented to Derrycourt, one of Ireland’s leading contract cleaning and facilities management businesses, by Diversey, recognises the contribution the company has made to promoting sustainable cleaning.

Eugene Grogan, Sector Sales Lead for BSC at Diversey Ireland, made the presentation to Gerard McCarthy, Operations Manager at Derrycourt, at a recent event in Dublin attended by both companies.

Eugene said: “Derrycourt has made sustainable cleaning an integral part of its offer for as long as I can remember. It has helped them grow to be one of Ireland’s largest contract cleaning and facilities management businesses. We were very pleased to present this award to them because they share many of the sustainability values we have in our own business.”

Derrycourt serves more than 750 clients across hundreds of sites throughout the country from its bases in Dublin and Cork. It was one of the first companies in Ireland to recognise the significance of sustainability and environmentally-friendly cleaning, and how this would change the market.

The company is a long-term user of Diversey products with sustainability attributes. It originally adopted innovative Diversey ultra-concentrate products for building care before introducing the environmentally-friendly Pur Eco range. Most recently it has been rolling out Diversey’s SURE range of plant-based, 100% biodegradable cleaning product to the majority of its contract sites.

For simplicity, Derrycourt has standardised on just four SURE products, covering most routine and daily cleaning tasks to promote simplicity and productivity. The sustainability of these products is further enhanced because they are supplied as ultra concentrates in Diversey’s SmartDose and QuattroSelect platforms.

Eugene continued: “Derrycourt has always been open to innovation and willing to assess and then implement new products that enhance and improve their operations. Each time we have introduced products with even more sustainability benefits and credentials, they have been one of the first companies to bring them in. With SURE, the chemistry of the product impressed them and they decided to roll the products out across their whole estate.”

Gerard added: “As a company, Derrycourt strives to be sustainable, green, and efficient, with this in mind we have faith in the SURE range. Being environmentally conscious is an issue also becoming increasingly important to everyone, including businesses we work with.”

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