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Tried and Tested

Published on 9/06/2010
Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, puts the Truvox Valet Upright Vac to the test.

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Don't be antisocial

Published on 18/05/2010

Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, looks at the benefits of social networking and urges you all to find your voice online.

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There's no business like show business

Published on 18/05/2010

Well, it’s finally over. We walked, we talked, we saw some great new innovations, we made some great business deals. Interclean has come and gone.

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Pulp fact-ion

Published on 18/05/2010

Pulp costs are on the rise, and is surely bound to affect the cleaning industry. But what has happened? And when will conditions improve?

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Fair pay for female workers

Published on 18/05/2010

More than 4,000 female public sector at Birmingham city council have won the right to be paid the same as their male counterparts, in a watershed for British equality law.

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A load of hot air or just another paper cut?

Published on 18/05/2010

Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, looks into the age-old debate of Hand dyers vs. Paper Towels to see who emerges victorious.

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ISSA/Interclean Special

Published on 13/04/2010
The exhibition is finally here bringing together industry professionals from all over the world, providing the essential marketplace in which to find the perfect products for you.

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A false sense of security

Published on 13/04/2010

Hygiena International’s Dr. Martin Easter argues the case for objective measurement of cleanliness.

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Crime scene cleaning

Published on 13/04/2010
When most of us think about cleaning, certain activities come to mind, from window cleaning to vacuum cleaning. However, most of us forget that our industry covers a broad spectrum and sometimes we are literally cleaning up after people...

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Make more money cleaning windows

Published on 13/04/2010
Recently, a compact device called the Ultra Pure RO, available from Window Cleaning Warehouse, has given window cleaners a choice that saves time and makes more money. 

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British Cleaning Council take on Parliament

Published on 13/04/2010

The British Cleaning Council have launched their first ever manifesto at the Houses of Parliament. The councils Chairman, Steve Wright was accompanied by Neil Turner MP as they marked the occasion underneath the capitals landmarks in Westminster.

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ProClean Ireland 2010

Published on 25/03/2010


The ProClean Ireland website is now live, with full exhibition and exhibitor details. 

Visit now and register free of charge. 

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It's not easy being green

Published on 17/03/2010
And it sure isn’t cheap either. With new rules to abide by constantly being introduced, costs are increasing for environmentally friendly products, posing the question: is a sustainable alternative worth the hassle and price tag, when what we currently have on the market works just fine at a more reasonable cost? 

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There's an App for that

Published on 17/03/2010

Londoners can now notify London Council of the dirtiest areas they encounter using their smartphones.

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Too good to be true

Published on 17/03/2010
We all know that advertising leads to sales, but knowing where to advertise, what to advertise and how to advertise can be tricky. Peter Vezey, PR guru and specialist marketing consultant to the cleaning FM sectors offers his advice on how you can prevent yourselves from flushing that budget down the toilet...

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Mid Staffordshire hospital provided poor hygiene, says inquiry

Published on 17/03/2010

The British Cleaning Council has reacted to the Government inquiry outlining the failings of hospital care in Mid Staffordshire. The inquiry found that the hospital had routinely cut-back on cleaning and provided a substandard level of service as it focused on hitting government targets in order to achieve foundation status.

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Meet Karen

Published on 9/03/2010

Opus Business Media are very excited to announce the arrival of its newest member, in the form of Karen Asbury.

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Published on 24/02/2010

Opus Business Media is pleased to announce that the Tomorrow's Cleaning Yearbook 2010 is available online to read now.

The Tomorrow’s Cleaning Yearbook offers you a definitive reference guide for the Cleaning Industry, in an easily-readable format. The next time you need a certain product or service; we know you will turn to the Yearbook for the solution.

We hope you enjoy this Yearbook and it will serve you well this year!

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Chris Evans is toilet champion!

Published on 15/01/2010

Chris Evans showed genuine interest in the BTA 'Where can I go?' Campaign during an interview with mystery guest Mike Bone, Director of BTA, on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show this Wednesday. Chris agreed to be a 'toilet champion' in supporting the Campaign.

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Bin to bog

Published on 14/01/2010

I think we are all a fan of two-in-one solutions – they get the jobs done in half the time and can often save space, time and money. I have heard of two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, two-in-one cleaning products, two-in-one machines but never a two-in-one wheelie bin/urinal.

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