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Whiz lands in Denmark

SoftBank Robotics EMEA expands into Denmark

SoftBank Robotics EMEA has signed distributor agreements with both Abena DK and Virena ApS for different verticals in Denmark.

Under the agreement, the companies will now offer Whiz, the industrial cobotic vacuum sweeper, to its facility management (FM) and cleaning contractor clients.

Implementing Whiz into their cleaning operations will help their clients to significantly improve cleaning performance, improve air quality and drive operational efficiencies. This will be achieved whilst demonstrating innovation and deliver a good and alternative solution to the shortage of labour.

Whiz is a simple to use and reliable self-driving cleaning solution designed for vacuuming. It works alongside commercial cleaning teams, taking over repetitive, heavy-duty vacuuming of large areas of flooring, and freeing up workers to focus on high value tasks which make a real difference to service delivery and client satisfaction. For example, the sanitisation of hard surfaces, such as door handles and lift buttons.

This is the latest in a series of new partnerships that Softbank Robotics EMEA has signed across Europe and the Middle East, as demand for Whiz continues to grow.

Jesper Christensen, VP Sales & Product at SoftBank Robotics EMEA, said: “With the rapid increase in demand caused by employees returning to the workspace, we continue to seek the most forward-thinking cleaning solutions providers that are committed to delivering innovation and business value to their clients – and to helping them navigate these extremely challenging times.

“Denmark is an area of such increased demand and we are very pleased with the approach that both these companies have demonstrated to meet these growing demands.”

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