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Training: a New Year’s Resolution

Jangro: Training is an essential New Year Resolution for cleaning businesses

Independent janitorial distribution network, Jangro, is urging cleaning businesses to make training a priority for 2022, in order to uphold standards and keep spaces clean and safe.

With end-users’ expectations of cleanliness and hygiene currently higher than ever, ensuring that professional cleaning staff receive high quality and relevant training is essential to maintain excellence.

Jangro’s award-winning e-learning platform, the Learning Management Solution (LMS), offers a flexible and contactless approach to training. Highly accessible, it’s optimised for all devices and has also been accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service.

CPD is an established, national accreditation operating across industry sectors, helping to develop staff with the skills and knowledge required within their organisations. This accreditation offers customers additional assurance that the training content offered by Jangro’s LMS is appropriate and of first-class quality and integrity, enabling operatives to stay up to date.

Jangro CEO, Joanne Gilliard, said: “At a time when consumers are still being much more selective about where they spend their time and money – basing their decisions on hygiene levels – training can make all the difference. A well-trained employee will achieve a high quality clean every time, enhancing a business’ image and making it a more attractive place to visit. Importantly, it also helps keep the workforce safe whilst it continues to work with COVID-19 in general circulation.”

The innovative Jangro LMS features bronze, silver, and gold badges. As well as enabling users to track their progress, these help encourage individuals to complete more modules, gain a higher status, and promote their success to others. Available to all Jangro customers and their staff, it covers a wide range of topics with varying course lengths, so that users can dip in and out of sessions as required and train remotely at times that suit them.

Modules include Colour Coding & Infection Control, Health and Safety, Washroom Hygiene, COSHH, Floor Care, Kitchen Hygiene, and many more. Jangro also offers a versatile system to ‘train on the go’ with their Task Cards – brief, highly visual documents containing step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information.

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