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Tork VR training app is the Visitor’s Choice

Tork VR training app wins Interclean Visitor's Choice Award

Tork manager Essity has won the Visitor’s Choice Award at Interclean Amsterdam Online 2020, for its innovative and engaging hand hygiene training solution.

With the need for hand hygiene taking on a new urgency in the times of COVID-19, the Tork Virtual Reality Clean Hands Training app is a cutting-edge training simulation aimed at improving hand hygiene in healthcare.

Essity collaborated with behavioural scientists, university hospitals and global hand hygiene experts to develop the ground-breaking tool.

Jenny Logenius, Global Brand Innovation Manager at Essity, said: “We are proud to have been voted the Visitor’s Choice Award winner at this year’s Interclean Show. By offering fun and innovative training tools to healthcare providers, we continue to support medical professionals as they improve hand hygiene compliance for improved patient outcomes.”

Trainees using the app are faced with a series of real-life situations in the virtual world where they are expected to practise hand hygiene compliance using their own hands. Their results are assessed on how far they comply with the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) ‘5 Moments for Hand Hygiene’.

Any trainee who fails to perform hand hygiene at the right moment can try again. The aim is to encourage healthcare staff to adopt excellent hand hygiene standards both in the virtual and the real world.

The Tork Virtual Reality Clean Hands Training received 55% of the votes for the Visitor’s Choice Award.

The panel commented: “The jury was highly impressed by this user-friendly method of maintaining hand hygiene compliance in healthcare settings. The accessibility of ensuring ongoing training on-site in order to improve standards is a true innovation.

“The Virtual Reality approach is essential to stimulate behavioural change in a fun and engaging way. It is the perfect solution for the well-recognised need to educate people worldwide on hand hygiene.”

Users require a VR-compatible smartphone and a VR headset with a remote control or equivalent to steer the game. The app is free to download via the App Store and Google Play.

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