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Sweeping the floor with back to work services

Mrs Buckét sweeps up with game-changing back to work services

Specialist cleaning operation, Mrs Buckét, has launched two new service offerings in a bid to aid businesses in getting back to work safely: a monthly prevention service and Spot Check Hygiene audit.

Mrs Buckét has invested £35,000 in a new chemical which provides up to 30 days of protection on surfaces, even after normal cleaning and washdown procedures. Hailed for its use in New Zealand, the chemical creates a protective layer which attracts and kills organisms mechanically, removing the risk of cross contamination, resistance or mutation. Already, Mrs Buckét has nine extra clients on board for the use of this chemical, including the Vehicle Certification Agency headquarters in Bristol.

The company has also invested in a ride-on sanitiser service for those clients operating manufacturing sites or depots. This new technology allows sanitisation to happen quickly and effectively over large surface areas, only needing one person to navigate the machinery. The vehicle is not only time-savvy but it also eliminates risk of close contact amongst numerous cleaners.

Using the new ride-on sanitiser, fogging machines and electrostatic cleaners, the chemical is sprayed from top to bottom of work premises, repeatedly killing pathogens over and over again for 30 days, ensuring the safety and protection against COVID-19 for all of those returning to work.

The Spot Check Hygiene audit is a unique risk check aimed at those businesses that are looking to re-evaluate their cleaning methods post-COVID. The audit will measure the standard of current cleanliness and hygiene, the products used as well as additional bacteria testing, showcasing whether the company’s existing cleaning routines are protective or putting workforces at risk of illness.

Rachael Flanagan, Founder of Mrs Buckét, commented: “Whether lockdown ends in two months or six months, employees will still be apprehensive to re-enter the workplace, especially with the knowledge on how the virus is spread and how long it can live on surfaces without effective cleaning.

“Our two new offerings allow businesses to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their premises are not only clean, but free from risk. Our goal is to allow our clients to not only return to work but also maintain business continuity throughout the peaks and troughs that the easing of lockdown will undoubtedly bring.”

The Vehicle Certification Agency added: “The monthly prevention service being provided has been designed to not only create a risk-free environment, but also provides assurance to staff so that they can feel safe and secure in the measures provided to allow their return.”

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