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Spa gets sustainability certification for clean floor renewal

Spa awarded sustainability certification by Bona for its clean floor renewal

Alpentherme Gastein Spa in Austria has been awarded sustainability certification by family-owned flooring company, Bona, in recognition of the amount of CO2 and energy saved as a result of a resilient floor renewal project.

The challenges around the effective cleaning and maintenance of a 20-year-old linoleum floor were one of the key drivers for the Spa’s floor renewal project. The surface at the time had begun to develop hairline cracks allowing moisture and bacteria to penetrate, and as the surface became dull and stained, cleaning agents became ineffective.

Instead of replacing the 1,000m2 linoleum surface with a brand-new installation, the spa chose to renew the worn surface. They were able to avoid months of disruption associated with a new installation. Instead, the renewal was completed in a matter of days, while the facility remained open. The project led to around 90% less use of materials. It also prevented 10,260kg of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the environment and saved 180,000MJ (megajoules) of energy.

To preserve the tranquil design of the spa, the Bona Resilient Solution was used to renew and upgrade its resilient floor, securing substantial cost, downtime and environmental savings. It has also allowed the maintenance of the floor’s freshness and hygiene, whilst transforming the floor back to its former beauty; for a better, longer-lasting, healthier surface. The freshly renewed floor is also now much easier to clean and doesn’t require a constant cycle of stripping and polishing.

Klaus Lemmerer, Managing Director at Alpentherme Gastein, said: “I am thrilled to share my experience with the Bona Resilient Solution. The floor renewal process was seamless and extremely efficient, allowing us to keep the facility up and running during the renovation period. Additionally, we were able to completely customise the floor at Alpentherme Gastein in Bad Hofgastein to fit our exact needs – thanks to the expansive design options offered by Bona.

“Not only did Max Walzl, the Bona Certified Craftsman, offer us great value for money, but we also saved CO2 and energy costs, due to the floor renewal rather than floor replacement. Considering all these benefits, I highly recommend everyone choose Bona for their next flooring project.”

Bona is well-recognised as an environmentally-conscious, global innovator of sustainable products and systems.

Rohit Sharma, Resilient Sales Manager at Bona commented: “The sustainability certification awarded to Alpentherme Gastein Spa is testament to its achievements and dedication to environmental sustainability. In times of tight budgets and growing climate concern, renewing resilient flooring has a positive impact on organisations, which the Alpentherme Gastein Spa has illustrated so well. It is also an effective route to a healthier, more hygienic floor surface. Congratulations to the entire spa team.”

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