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Redefining the touch-free experience in the washroom

New Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON dispenser collection redefines the touch-free experience in the washroom

Kimberly-Clark Professional launched its ICON dispenser collection in the UK in March 2023.

This innovative washroom solution will bring game-changing hygiene and design, combined with a new standard of dispensing performance and human-centric experience, to deliver unmatched confidence that goes beyond simply dispensing paper towels. The ICON portfolio showcases three system solutions for hand towels, toilet tissue and skincare, including soap and sanitiser.

To gain a better understanding of how people’s attitudes towards hygiene and handwashing have shifted in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Kimberly-Clark Professional commissioned a survey, conducted by GfK in Europe. The survey revealed perceptions of cleanliness alongside evolving hygiene habits, expectations, and standards, such as:

  • 76% of people have had poor experiences with hand hygiene in public washrooms since the start of the pandemic.
  • 46% of respondents wash their hands more frequently than before the pandemic and pay more attention to hygiene overall.
  • 42% have experienced empty or improperly functioning paper towel dispensers, leading to frequent complaints.

The survey results underline that now more than ever, washroom users need reassurance that their hygiene, safety, and health are a top priority once they set foot in washrooms.

While most dispensers are designed around paper, the ICON collection is designed around the servicer, facility manager, and end-user – offering style, simplicity, cutting-edge technology, and a human-centric experience.

Craig Bowman, General Manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional UK, said: “Backed by teams of hygiene and innovation experts, the launch of the Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON dispenser demonstrates our commitment to delivering unmatchable confidence in the washroom. As higher expectations of cleanliness become a lasting benchmark, we want to be a trusted provider of game-changing solutions for hygiene and safety for our users and choosers.”

The ICON collection features a high-performing and touchless dispensing system, with a seamless design and hidden towel mode that minimises contact points for a more hygienic experience, reducing the potential risks of cross-contamination. With dual sensor technology that recognises partially torn sheets and presents a new sheet before dispenser issues occur, the ICON collection provides reliable and hygienic dispensing by ensuring paper towels are always available for end-users.

Among the many guidelines and hygiene expectations companies have adopted recently, budget is a key issue. The ICON collection is the most significant technological upgrade in dispensing in over a decade, and is fully equipped to support facilities and cleaning staff to improve maintenance efficiency with:

  • Easy-to-read intuitive control panel, meaning less training is required to operate the dispensers.
  • Easily visible lighting and servicing cues indicating when products need replenishment, reducing guesswork on servicing needs.
  • Direct Drive Technology provides the benefits of efficiency, better battery life and less noise – the quietest electronic dispenser on the market (against leading competition).
  • The hand towel rolls have a plastic-free core plug to allow full recycling in a single waste stream.
  • Minimal maintenance with 99.9% jam-free performance and a single set of batteries that deliver up to 150,000 dispenses.
  • Simple to access and featuring a smooth, controlled opening and closing experience.

The act of handwashing goes beyond science. More than just a simple paper towel dispenser, the Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON collection features designer faceplates that add style to hygiene.

By incorporating visually appealing interior design elements, the range of colours and faceplates are designed to complement every environment to elevate the washroom experience. Designs include warm marble, cherry blossom, and ebony woodgrain, as well as black, silver and white mosaic. Additionally, customised faceplates can be implemented for branding and advertising.

Bowman concluded: “This launch combines over 150 years of hygiene innovation with modern design to create a new product that looks as great as it works, and elevates any space. It also highlights Kimberly-Clark Professional’s commitment to being a global leading provider of hygiene, safety and productivity solutions.”

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