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Next Delphis Hero unveiled

Delphis Eco launches next Delphis Hero

Delphis Eco, the UK’s leading eco-friendly cleaning products company which supplies innovative products to the commercial and retail markets, has launched its next Delphis Hero.

Sam Lawrence, General Manager at highly respected and eco-conscious contract catering company, BM, looking after the catering for one of the biggest global law firms, is the face of the new campaign.

Delphis has a long-standing relationship with BM, working collaboratively for nearly a decade supplying cleaning products for its contract catering business, which services more than 45,000 customers across 100 UK locations. Sam and her central London team serve over 900 people a day, working across 12 floors of commercial kitchens, executive dining rooms and corporate boardrooms.

BM was the first contract caterer to achieve certification by Planet Mark on measuring and reducing its carbon footprint, and is one of the UK’s most sustainable contract caterers. The site Sam manages recently introduced ‘carbon labelling’, so customers can choose the dish with the lowest carbon footprint. Through this and other initiatives, they’ve reduced food waste from 26% to 8%.

Delphis Eco launched its Delphis Heroes Campaign in July with Michelle Thomas, New Openings Manager at leading hometel brand room2.

Sam is the second Hero to feature on a captivating, enormous 48-sheet tube advert at Bank Station on the Northern Line, 10 minutes from the site where she works. The eye-catching displays will take the spotlight for a two-week period, and her quote will feature on a new bottle of Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser and Cleaner, Sam’s favourite Delphis Eco product.

Delphis has been a respected partner of cleaning products to the commercial market for 16 years. The retail market shift was instigated by a continuous push by commercial customers to offer a range for home use. Retail packaging labels already feature quotes from other commercial partners.

Delphis Eco CEO and Founder, Mark Jankovich, commented: “With such symbiosis between Delphis’ B2B and B2C ranges, the Hero Campaign is designed to champion Delphis’ commercial partners, the real heroes behind Delphis Eco, and we’re delighted Sam wanted to be part of it.

“Indeed, it’s BM’s hard work, commitment to sustainability and trust in Delphis’ products that places them as leaders in this space. The campaign also draws attention to the importance of using sustainable, non-toxic cleaning products and highlights how using eco-friendly cleaning products is a simple yet effective solution people can adopt to become more sustainable.”

Sam added: “I’m delighted to be part of the Delphis Eco Heroes Campaign, as we’re huge advocates of the amazingly sustainable cleaning products and use them at home as well as at work.

“I’ve worked in this industry since the age of 16 when I started out as a chef, and know only too well how important it is to have effective products for cleaning workspaces. We absolutely love the Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser and Cleaner, as it’s not only a brilliant product but we know it’s safe for our team to use.”

BM’s Executive Chairman, Wendy Bartlett, explained: “Sustainability and ethics underpin everything we do, and we know it’s the same at Delphis Eco. We have a mantra that ‘what gets measured gets done’ and we value products proven to be non-harmful to our planet, yet able to deliver the heavy lifting we need within our catering business. Delphis’ products do just that.

“Not only is this about the products themselves, which are highly effective yet non-toxic, but it’s also about the packaging and taking plastic out of the economy. Delphis’ products come packed in 100% recycled plastic casing, so this is about being kind to the environment in many different ways.”

Mark concluded: “Working with industry professionals such as Sam, who have first-hand experience of using our products, can reassure retail customers of our credibility – who are naturally sceptical about the effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning products and most likely, their green credentials too.

“If our professional partners love our products and trust our environmental accreditations, we’re confident they can be just as effective and loved in people’s homes.”

Delphis Eco products are available at Waitrose, Ocado, and Amazon.

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