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New recycling bin system from Robert Scott

New recycling bin system from Robert Scott to reduce waste and increase compliance

Cleaning manufacturer and distributor Robert Scott has launched an innovative new modular recycling bin system to help businesses simplify waste management, enhance recycling efficiency and comply with new legislative requirements.

The new 80L capacity Procycle Recycling Bin, featuring lid and back panel, is a versatile, cost-effective and customisable system designed to support businesses in complying with evolving waste management requirements – including new and upcoming legislation across Wales and England.

Recent legislation in Wales mandates all businesses, charities and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling so it is kept separate throughout processing. Similarly, in England the Government has recently announced comprehensive reforms to boost recycling rates and protect the environment. These include a standardised approach to recycling across the country, requiring most businesses to implement new recycling practices by March 2025.

The Procycle Recycling Bin 80L enables easy adaptation to various recycling requirements by making it simpler for organisations to manage and separate their waste effectively and sustainably.

The modular system includes connectors so users can build bespoke multi-recycling stations tailored to their specific needs, with colour coded back panels for seven different waste streams. These waste streams include glass bottles and jars; food tins and drinks cans; mixed card; food waste; plastic packaging; general waste; and mixed recycling.

Alastair Scott, Sales Director at Robert Scott, commented: “We’re committed to developing innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs and contribute to a sustainable future. The Procycle Recycling Bin has been developed based on our strong understanding of market demand and requirements, alongside our dedication to improving waste management practices across various sectors.

“With the recent legislation in Wales and upcoming changes across England, the new system provides an effective solution for businesses to stay ahead of regulations and enhance their recycling efforts.”

Other innovative and user-friendly features of the system include apertures at the front of the bin to attach waste bags. A hinged lid also allows for the disposal of larger items and offers an open bin option for added convenience. The bin is crafted from durable polypropylene, ensuring it is easy to clean while maintaining its functionality and appearance.

The Procycle Recycling Bin 80L is available now. For more information or to arrange a demo, please call 01457 819400, or visit the website below.

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