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New range from Bothongo Hygiene Solutions

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK launches new post-COVID Zuppclean range

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK (formerly Healthguard Hygiene) has launched an extensive new range of cleaning products, formulated for the post-COVID era under their new Zuppclean and Zuppclean Eco brands.

Launched at the beginning of the pandemic and having sold £15m of products in the UK, Bothongo Hygiene Solutions has been working hard for the past six months on a new complete range of value cleaning products, formulated and positioned for cleaning in a post-COVID world.

The company has launched Zuppclean and Zuppclean Eco as a comprehensive range of over 60 products, suitable for all built environments, taking into account:

  1. In a post-COVID environment, there will be an emphasis on safety against pathogens, to reassure the users of the premises that there is protection against viruses.
  2. With so many businesses having experienced economic hardship, Bothongo Hygiene Solutions has ensured that their quality products provide cleaning solutions at every price point.
  3. Concern for the environment is at the heart of the group and while InnuScience remains its core environmental offering, over two thirds of the new Zuppclean range complies to Zuppclean Eco criteria. For the entire range, we are using post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) which is recycled and recyclable.
  4. Simple digital training via the Bothongo Hygiene Solutions app.

The extensive range has been produced to ensure a full range is available for all built environments, including hospitality with an extensive kitchen range, housekeeping, education, offices, retail and leisure.

Some examples of the range include the fantastic Zuppclean Eco Multipurpose cleaner and oven cleaner, a bactericidal washroom cleaner and a range of dishwasher products to suit every environment.

Nick Winstone, Chief Executive Officer at Bothongo Hygiene Solutions, explained: “The launch of Zuppclean and Zuppclean Eco is really exciting for us, as we now provide our valued distributors and their customers with a range formulated for cleaning in a post-COVID world. As a team we bring all the lessons we’ve learnt visiting thousands of customer sites, where we’ve refined training and knowledge of what the end users of our customers need.”

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