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New microfibre surface cleaning cloths for healthcare

Essity launches Tork Microfibre Surface Cleaning Cloths for healthcare

Essity is stepping up its support for the healthcare sector with the launch of two new Tork surface cleaning solutions.

Tork Microfibre Reusable Cleaning Cloths and Tork Microfibre Disposable Cleaning Cloths can help to promote a safer and cleaner healthcare environment.

Thomas Bergin, Essity’s Professional Hygiene Marketing Director for Healthcare, said: “The major advantage of microfibre cloths is that they have the capacity to pick up and retain any particles contaminating the cleaning surface. This means microorganisms are safely removed rather than simply being pushed around the surface with the cloth.

“These two Tork microfibre products provide excellent results first time, allowing hard-pressed healthcare cleaners to swiftly move on to the next task in hand.”

Both Tork Microfibre Reusable Cleaning Cloth and Tork Microfibre Disposable Cleaning Cloths are capable of removing 99.9% of microorganisms from surfaces, including COVID-19 and harder-to-remove pathogens such as C.difficile. They can either be used dry or in conjunction with cleaning solutions, sanitisers or disinfectants.

Low-linting Tork Microfibre Reusable Cleaning Cloths are available in red, green blue and yellow to aid colour-coded cleaning regimes. The sturdy cloth has a reinforced stitched edge and can be washed up to 300 times and reused. Tork Microfibre Disposable Cleaning Cloths are white in colour and are designed to deliver superior cleaning results on hard surfaces.

Thomas continued: “Our disposable microfibre cloths are ideal for use in critical areas such as operating theatres, surgical suites and isolation wards because they are thrown away after use. The fact that Tork Microfibre Reusable Cleaning Cloths are available in four colours helps to ensure that the right cloth is used for the right task each time – and this helps to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.”

The launch of Tork Microfibre Surface Cleaning Cloths comes hard on the heels of the introduction of Essity’s new healthcare training package. Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training takes FM operatives and cleaning staff through various real-life scenarios in an engaging way.

The free-to-access package also incorporates a ‘train-the-trainer’ module to educate facility managers on how to support their teams and demonstrate optimum cleaning techniques. The training modules are based on the Association for the Health Care Environment’s ‘Practice Guidance for Health Care Environmental Cleaning’, and can be found at the website below.

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