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New antiviral range to tackle coronavirus

Jangro launches new antiviral range to tackle coronavirus

Jangro, the UK and Ireland’s largest network of independent janitorial suppliers, has recently expanded its ‘Professional’ range with the launch of three antiviral products, in an effort to help organisations keep their facilities clean, healthy, and COVID-secure.

Joining the line-up is an Antiviral Disinfectant, an Antiviral Hand Wash, and an Antiviral Fogger, all of which have been tested and proven to be effective against coronavirus.

Jangro Professional Antiviral Disinfectant is a powerful multi-purpose bactericidal ready-to-use cleaner and sanitiser, which is suitable for healthcare, catering, schools, and high-risk applications. It has been tested and passed standards EN14476, EN1276, and EN13697, proving it kills 99.99% of germs and viruses. As well as coronavirus, it is effective against the viruses that cause Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B and C, Herpes, Rubella, Measles, and food poisoning bacteria including E-coli. It is available in two sizes, 750ml and 5L; the latter can be used in fogging machines.

Jangro Professional Antiviral Hand Wash also comes two sizes, 500ml pump bottle and a 5L container. Free from fragrance and dye, it’s suitable for food hygiene and healthcare use. It also meets the EN14476 and EN1276 standards, confirming its efficacy against 99.99% of harmful germs, including enveloped viruses, such as coronavirus.

Jangro Professional Antiviral Fogger creates a fine mist that can reach into corners and difficult areas. Conforming to standards EN14476, EN1276, EN1650, and EN16777, this fogging solution can kill a range of pathogenic viruses, including coronaviruses, leaving surfaces clean and safe for human contact. It is suitable for a range of environments, including healthcare, food preparation, retail, and leisure. It comes in two sizes: the 200ml aerosol can be used to disinfect larger areas, such as offices, quickly and easily, whilst the100ml size is perfect for smaller areas, such as vehicles.

Joanne Gilliard, Jangro CEO, commented: “Effective sanitising and hygiene solutions are key to keeping public environments clean and safe, during this pandemic and beyond. This has, unfortunately, prompted a flurry of unethical, opportunistic newcomers to the market, offering products that may not be fit-for-purpose or meet industry standards.

“We are delighted to confirm that our new range of Antiviral products have been tested and proven to be effective against 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. This offers our customers reassurance that they do ‘what they say on the box’ and importantly, will help keep their facilities hygienic and COVID-secure.”

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