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Kaivac aims to be first for ISSA validation

Kaivac first to apply for ISSA Cleaning Times Validation Seal Program

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has announced that Kaivac is the first organisation to apply for the ISSA Cleaning Times Validation Seal Program.

Kaivac is working to gain this seal for the production rates of five existing ISSA cleaning times using four cleaning systems: KaiVac 1250, AutoVac Stretch, UniVac, and Cooler Case Cleaner.

Tim Poskin, ISSA Director of Consulting, said: “Labour is the largest spend in a cleaning organisation’s budget. Choosing tools that have been validated to meet published production rates is key in avoiding false production rate claims.”

To achieve the ISSA Cleaning Time Validation Seal, the tool must demonstrate that the product meets the production rates published in the 2021 ISSA Cleaning Times using a real world environment in the hands of a trained cleaning worker. The ISSA Official Cleaning Times and Tasks directory serves a primary goal of helping service providers determine the amount of time it will take to maintain a facility through verified products and brands.

Allen Randolph, Kaivac Vice President of Business Development and Chair of the ISSA CMI Workloading and Benchmarking Council, added: “Without good production rates, you cannot optimise labour. In these times when staffing is challenging, third-party production rates can be critical. Kaivac has always leaned into testing and validating product performance, so it makes sense to be the first company to jump onboard with this important program.”

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