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Interclean’s facility inspiration event detailed

Facility inspiration event at Interclean Amsterdam 2020 exhibition

Facility and hospitality managers will be able to take part in the Facility Inspiration Event at the Interclean Amsterdam 2020 international exhibition between 12 and 14 May.

The Facility Inspiration Event is being organised by Interclean and the facilities consultancy organisation, Atir. Interclean Amsterdam 2020 takes place from 12-15 May at the RAI Amsterdam.

Every day the programme will start with a networking lunch. This will be followed by a seminar programme with a keynote speaker and various sessions. Marieke Weerts, Managing Partner at Atir, explained: “We have put together a programme for each day which links up with developments in a segment of the facilities sector. Our aim is to inspire facility and hospitality managers as to how they can respond even more effectively to future needs.”

The three days are devoted consecutively to Warehouse and Logistics (optimising supply chain), Leisure, Retail and Petrol (optimising customer experience in high traffic environments) and Real Estate and Corporate (creating the most ideal work and living environment).

Keynote speakers have been arranged for each day who will outline the developments in the segment. For example, trend watcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk is scheduled to speak on 12 May. He will give visitors an insight into the future of logistics and supply chain management by explaining, for example, how algorithms can help create a fully automatic supply chain and what facility management will look like in the world of automatic transport flows.

Josefien ten Have, a consumer psychologist at Consumatics, will be introducing visitors to the principles of neuromarketing every day. The focus will be on the influence of people's subconscious to the 'perception of clean'. During these sessions, visitors will gain an insight into the factors which subconsciously contribute to the perception of clean surroundings and the cleaning behaviour of employees. She will provide specific, usable examples for each segment.

In cooperation with the ZeroWaste Foundation, a driver of circular business operations, a tour is being organised during the Facility Inspiration Event to enable people to find out more about the various start-ups and scale-ups. Participants will be shown concrete examples of circular innovations which are intended specifically for facility management.

During the tour visitors will be introduced to, for example, Flynther, a company that makes water-resistant packaging materials, such as waste boxes for hazardous waste produced in the healthcare sector. In addition, The Greenmachine will present innovations which can be used to reduce waste, for example a dewatering machine which enables savings in terms of (work) space, time and waste costs.

Interclean Amsterdam 2020 visitors can take part in the Facility Inspiration Event free of charge without having to register in advance, and you can discover the programme for both the exhibition and Facility Inspiration Event online HERE.

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