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Interclean 2024: Catch a DRYFT with MotorScrubber

MotorScrubber to debut new DRYFT S-Motion scrubber dryer at Interclean Amsterdam 2024

DRYFT is the world's first S-Motion scrubber dryer, a groundbreaking upright machine that combines the efficiency of a traditional scrubber dryer with the agility of a mop.

This innovative machine is engineered to clean and dry 100% of the floor surface, offering a cleaning speed that’s double that of conventional methods.

DRYFT has a distinctively shaped cleaning head, featuring chamfered edges, designed for superior reach. It effortlessly navigates into corners, along edges and in challenging spaces, such as beneath partitions, suspended toilet bowls and around fixtures and obstacles.

The S-Motion functionality of DRYFT ensures rapid and effective cleaning over large areas, cutting labour time by as much as 50%. This efficiency is achieved through an S-shaped handle and a unique patented 360° ball joint, enabling unparalleled manoeuvrability.

DRYFT cleans with a single oscillating scrubbing pad, easily removable and replaceable thanks to the magnetic pad holder technology, MAGPlate. The advanced ‘555 Scrubbing Technology’ encompasses a high-speed 5,000rpm brushless digital motor, applies 5kg of downforce, and operates with a 5cm scrubbing circle for each pad blade, delivering 83 scrubs per second.

The machine’s water flow system is designed to drip fluid ahead of the pad, allowing thorough absorption of dirt before it reaches the squeegee. This method enhances dirt absorption and prevents waste expulsion from the sides – a common issue with rotary brush cleaners.

All of this is powered by DRYFT Core-ion, a removable and rechargeable 29v battery allowing a 60 min runtime. This battery system is part of DRYFT’s commitment to a sustainable, long-term power solution for future DRYFT cleaning machines. Additionally, the LED battery indicator on DRYFT alerts users to battery levels, ensuring continuous operation.

DRYFT will be revealed and demonstrated at Interclean Amsterdam from 14-17 May at booth 01.509.

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