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Ennovamark announces partnership with Piazza BV

Ennovamark partners with Piazza BV to introduce air care and hygiene products to UK and beyond

Ennovamark, an agency creating innovation and marketing solutions for clients in three continents and led by Matt Wonnacott, has announced their partnership with Piazza BV, a renowned and respected innovator of air care and hygiene products for over 20 years.

This far-reaching partnership aims to introduce Piazza’s cutting-edge range of products to the air freshener, hygiene and washroom industry in the United Kingdom and further afield.

Piazza BV, based in Belgium, has earned a long-standing reputation throughout Europe and the Benelux region for its commitment to high quality and innovation in air care and hygiene solutions. Their products are designed to enhance facilities, ensuring cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere. From air fresheners to sanitisers, Piazza offers a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern and forward-thinking away-from-home facilities.

With Ennovamark and Piazza’s industry expertise, Piazza’s products will now be readily available throughout the UK and in other countries worldwide, to follow. The partnership reflects Ennovamark’s dedication to bringing the latest advancements in away-from-home air care to the UK market, whilst also embracing Piazza’s mission – ‘moving fragrance forward’.

Matt Wonnacott, Founder at Ennovamark, said: “On behalf of my agency Ennovamark, I am delighted to join forces with Piazza to introduce their exceptional company and their outstanding line of air care and hygiene products to consumers across the UK and beyond. We are confident that Piazza’s innovative solutions, along with our new ideas for innovation, will really connect with clients seeking new, reliable and effective ways to maintain a clean and inviting environment in away-from-home spaces.”

The partnership between Ennovamark and Piazza signifies a strategic agreement aimed at addressing the ever-evolving needs of the air care and washroom industry.

Bruno Ianna, Founder and CEO at Piazza, added: “We are delighted to partner with Ennovamark to introduce our range of air care and hygiene products to distributors in the UK and beyond. Having already had a big, positive impact with our marketing together (by designing and launching our new website and branding), we are absolutely committed to delivering innovative solutions through our EDGE By Piazza range – helping to improve away-from-home spaces, bring new innovation to facilities and our customers, whilst also contributing to a cleaner and more responsible environment. We are delighted to partner with Matt on this.”

The launch of Piazza’s products in the UK market marks an exciting milestone for both companies and underscores their shared commitment to excellence in air care solutions.

For more information about Pizza’s products and availability in the UK, please visit Piazza’s stand at Interclean (12.803).

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