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Disinfectant brings companies together

Chemical companies come together over disinfectant deal

Airedale Chemical has increased its product offering with a new bulk distributor agreement with Scottish manufacturer, Ecoanolytes Ltd, for its latest green cleaning innovation.

Airedale now offers Ecoanolytes’ Dew Disinfectant, formulated from electrolysed water which kills 99.995% of viruses and bacteria without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.

Each molecule of Dew has been electrically charged and combined with an active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, to create a fast-acting disinfectant with organic status that’s biodegradable and pH neutral.

It has potential applications across agriculture, water treatment and cleaning products as no toxicity has been recorded in humans, animals or plants and it requires no rinsing, but is effective in killing germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

The move is part of a plan by Airedale Chemical to extend its product range and target new market sectors while focussing on the new challenges brought by COVID-19.

Daniel Marr, Commercial Director at Airedale Chemical, explained: “We have been working hard to ensure we provide a broad range of products that fulfil our customers’ needs, placing an emphasis on expanding our disinfection product range as the world continues to battle COVID-19.

“For many years, peracetic acid (PAA) has been one of our most popular chemicals and Dew is the perfect product to complement our PAA and allow us to offer a comprehensive range of disinfection solutions that will play an important role as we continue to live with the threat of another pandemic.

“Dew Disinfectant stood out to us as it is a highly effective product but is much gentler on people and the environment. The use of electrolysed water instead of harsh ingredients means it can even be used to purify drinking water.”

Dew is listed on the EU’s Article 95 active substances biocides list and has undergone biocidal testing of neutral anolytes by the Centre of Microbiology Reactions.

Erik Smyth, Ecoanolytes’ Managing Director, added: “Our technical experts have developed an incredibly effective disinfectant that mimics the body’s germ-killing mechanism. It irradiates 99.995% of bacteria and is 30 times more effective than bleach.”

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