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CSSA launches Clean Start campaign

The CSSA launches new Clean Start campaign for cleaning industry

The Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA), a leading UK non-profit cleaning industry membership association, has launched the Clean Start campaign to encourage more people to look at the cleaning industry as a professional career choice.

CSSA Marketing Chair, Daniel Cross, said: “The mission of the Clean Start campaign is simple: to change people’s perceptions of the cleaning industry. It’s not a recruitment programme, we are purely showcasing the many exciting professional career paths available, as well as the variety of businesses and their operations within the sector such as machine manufacturing, chemical production, and cleaning services.”

The Clean Start campaign aims to deliver a real insight into the career opportunities within the cleaning industry and encourage people from all backgrounds, including students, graduates and people from outside the cleaning industry, looking for a career change.

Daniel continued: “It’s unfortunate that far too many people still perceive the cleaning industry to be a low-skilled role involving nothing more than moving around a facility with a mop and bucket in hand, when the fact is it’s incredibly exciting and full of innovation.

“Inside our industry it’s second nature to discuss new innovations and operating methods, but how many people looking to get into an engineering role realise that there’s a need for their skills fixing robotic scrubber dryers? These are the areas we need to educate people about.”

With the creation of a dedicated page on their new website, the CSSA will be creating a range of free to download case studies and will be highlighting the variety of professional roles involved within businesses associated with the cleaning industry such as engineering, marketing and sales, operations and logistics, as well as cleaning operatives.

The CSSA also welcomes enquiries and case study material from organisations within the cleaning industry, regardless of whether they have CSSA membership or not.

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