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CHSA launches new brand

CHSA launches new brand: ‘Our Standards. Your Guarantee’

Following the successful achievement of having every member Accredited, the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) has announced the launch of a new brand: ‘Our Standards. Your Guarantee.’

The CHSA has a longstanding commitment to standards, with its first Accreditation Scheme launching in 1997. During 2020 it launched an Accreditation Scheme for manufacturers of cleaning chemicals and integrated its rigorous Code of Practice into its Schemes. The combination of the Code of Practice, signed by every member, and Accreditation Schemes guarantee CHSA members:

  • Trade ethically and sustainably;
  • Provide quality, fit for purpose products; and
  • Make sure ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’.

Recognising these changes, the CHSA undertook a comprehensive review of its brand. The new visual identity, including the launch of a new website, is being formally introduced now.

Lorcan Mekitarian, CHSA Chairman, explained: “After a detailed review of our purpose and priorities, we redefined our focus as being dedicated to improving the standards of the industry and an engaging, knowledgeable, responsible leader delivering high quality support.”

Within that focus, the CHSA redefined its mission. It is to support away-from-home cleaning and hygiene distributors and manufacturers to ensure they prosper and advance through maintaining and enhancing standards on quality, ethics and sustainability.

Lorcan continued: “We are extremely proud of all the CHSA has achieved since its formation and the huge impact on standards we have had on the cleaning and hygiene supply industry. The new brand, and the redefined mission that underpin it, are the next step in our development. We will continue to support standards in our sector and are now developing a sustainability initiative designed to help members adopt and encourage environmentally sustainable business practices throughout the supply chain.”

The CHSA now has five Accreditation categories:

Accredited Manufacturers

  • Of paper-based and woven products, guarantee the dimensions and count of every product and other required information is as indicated on the label.
  • Of plastic-based products, guarantee they are fit for purpose and the dimensions, count and other required information are as indicated on the label.
  • Of cotton-based products, guarantee the weight, absorbency and, where relevant, the cotton content. They also guarantee the dimensions and count, and other required information are as indicated on the label. The dimensions and count of all ancillary products are also covered by the Scheme.
  • Of cleaning and hygiene chemicals, guarantee the product volume and other required information is as specified on the label and fully supported by relevant test data. In addition, they guarantee the containers and plastic bottles holding the chemical products are recyclable.

Accredited Distributors

  • Have committed to buy cleaning and hygiene products from a CHSA Accredited Manufacturer. They also guarantee cleaning and hygiene products not covered by a CHSA Accreditation Scheme for Manufacturers conforms to the clear and rigorous commitments within the Code of Practice.

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