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Christeyns celebrates laundry science

Christeyns celebrates British Science Week

In support of British Science Week (6-15 March), hygiene chemicals specialist Christeyns is highlighting the importance of science in today’s laundry industry.

The lab team at Christeyns is constantly researching into how science and chemical combinations can improve wash outcomes, and more recently, do so with minimal effect on the environment.

Liz Kildunne, Technical Manager at Christeyns, stated: “Over the last decade Christeyns has been looking into ways in which chemical formulations can be rebalanced to reduce the damage to the environment whilst cutting down on operating costs, energy and water consumption but also keeping the quality of the wash high, if not improved.”

Christeyns set out to develop a process that would extend the usable life of textiles, which had to provide both a gentle and flexible approach, for use with temperatures from 40°C and deliver improved wash results. Following extensive research and scientific trials, the result was the company’s patented ‘Cool Chemistry’.

Launched in 2014, Cool Chemistry delivers improved whiteness, even when operating at a neutral pH and reduced temperatures, allowing less water to be used for rinsing. It uses a blend of enzymes and super-wetting surfactants that give greater soil-suspension. This allows laundries to wash in a neutral pH so the soil stays suspended in the wash water as opposed to on the linen, then released with the water leaving the machine. This neutral pH chemistry leads to less chemical damage to the textiles, extending linen life.

Recent developments in science have allowed for the wider use of the gas ozone in the commercial laundry arena. The ability to replicate ozone production in a specially engineered cabinet is helping laundries to further improve their environmental credentials by washing in cold water whilst the ozone, once used, reverts to oxygen.

Science plays an important role in innovation in the laundry business. Continual research into chemical combination pushes the boundaries of conventional laundry, enabling the industry to keep moving forward.

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