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Published on 24/02/2010

Opus Business Media is pleased to announce that the Tomorrow's Cleaning Yearbook 2010 is available online to read now.

The Tomorrow’s Cleaning Yearbook offers you a definitive reference guide for the Cleaning Industry, in an easily-readable format. The next time you need a certain product or service; we know you will turn to the Yearbook for the solution.

We hope you enjoy this Yearbook and it will serve you well this year!

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Chris Evans is toilet champion!

Published on 15/01/2010

Chris Evans showed genuine interest in the BTA 'Where can I go?' Campaign during an interview with mystery guest Mike Bone, Director of BTA, on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show this Wednesday. Chris agreed to be a 'toilet champion' in supporting the Campaign.

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Bin to bog

Published on 14/01/2010

I think we are all a fan of two-in-one solutions – they get the jobs done in half the time and can often save space, time and money. I have heard of two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, two-in-one cleaning products, two-in-one machines but never a two-in-one wheelie bin/urinal.

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Loo of the Year Awards 2009

Published on 14/01/2010

Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, gives us the scoop on the Loo of the Year Awards 2009, which was a real royal flush.

I was once told that you don’t always notice great cleaning and great facilities but you do notice the bad. But this isn’t the case at the Loo of the Year Awards, an awards ceremony entirely devoted to the best bogs in the UK.

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Cleaners Vs Bankers

Published on 14/01/2010

The New Economics Foundation has released a study that places hospital cleaners above City bankers in terms of their worth to society. Their report on the social impacts of six different professions revealed that City workers, advertising executives and tax advisers destroyed financial wealth, while hospital cleaners, childcare workers and staff in the waste-recycling industry all create a positive return to the British economy.

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SitexOrbis sows seeds of friendship at Christmas

Published on 10/12/2009

Property management and security experts SitexOrbis are going even greener this Christmas with Christmas cards that grow wild flowers when you water them.  Coming complete with bio-degradeable pot, the card will brighten property owners’ and managers’ window ledges all over Britain for the New Year.

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The Tomorrow's Cleaning Yearbook 2010

Published on 9/12/2009

Opus Business Media, the publisher of Tomorrow’s Cleaning, is proud to announce the launch of the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Yearbook 2010 - the definitive reference guide for the Cleaning Industry.

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2012 -Washroom opportunity or potential disaster?

Published on 7/12/2009

The 2012 Olympics is being hosted in London and excitement is certainly in the air, even though it is still a few years away.

But have we considered the impact? Aside from the positive emphasis on tourism, sport and achievement, there are some issues that could become negatives, such as rubbish control and washroom facilities.

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Parliament embarrassed by lack of loo roll

Published on 7/12/2009

Officials were left red faced recently after an unexplained supply chain failure caused the Palace of Westminster to temporarily run out of loo roll.

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Hospital performance levels at shocking low

Published on 7/12/2009

A new report from an unannounced inspection team carried out by the Care Quality Commission has found evidence of sub-standard care at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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