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The greener blueprint

Published on 8/06/2011

Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, takes an indepth look at the Cradle to Cradle Framework and Certification; the ultimate guideline for green.

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Black is the new green

Published on 8/06/2011
Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, reports on a true paper prodigy and the ultimate green champion – Satino Black.

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Diversey bought for $4.3 Billion

Published on 1/06/2011
Leading cleaning and hygiene solutions provider, Diversey, has been acquired today in a $4.3 Billion deal. The company has been bought by Sealed Air Coarporation (Sealed Air), a company that specialises in a wide range of protective packaging and performance–based materials.

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Dig deep for The Outward Bound

Published on 25/05/2011

Simon Keeping, Managing Director of Kärcher UK & Ireland, along with other team members of  Kärcher is intending to cross 77km of the Lake District on foot, bike and canoe to raise money for The Outward Bound.

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that aims to help as many young people as possible to have access to safe, adventurous experiences through which they can raise their self-esteem, realise their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

So please dig deep and donate now.

Corporate finance de-mystified!

Published on 25/05/2011

The words corporate finance trip easily off the tongue for those who work inside the world’s financial centres. For many in the real world, though, the term remains shrouded in mystery. What exactly is it these corporate financiers do?

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BICSc Chairman, recognised in Women 1st Top 100 Most Influential Women list

Published on 13/05/2011

The Chairman of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, Lynn Webster is one of the Top 100 most influential women in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism (HLTT) industry.

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Cleaning industry highlighted at The Facilities Show 2011

Published on 12/05/2011

Organisations in the UK can spend  hundreds of thousands of pounds every year on cleaning products and services. With the huge range of suppliers in the industry offering such a range of solutions and merchandise, it’s essential that businesses keep up to date with the most innovative and cost effective resolutions to their cleaning needs.

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Microfibre – revolutionary or reasonable?

Published on 12/05/2011
Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, assesses whether microfibre really is the future, or just another flash in the pan...

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Tried & Tested: SmartOne® Mini Double

Published on 11/05/2011

Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Charlotte Taylor, tests one of the latest additions to the Lotus Professional® SmartOne® range – the mini double toilet roll dispenser.

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HMRC helps businesses to steer clear of unscrupulous labour providers in the Cleaning Sector

Published on 11/05/2011

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is offering specialist advice to businesses using suppliers to source cleaning staff, to help them appoint labour providers that operate within the law.

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